Agency Websites

State of Illinois Agencies

The Illinois Secretary of State has departments dealing with drivers
licenses, vehicle titles, corporations and secured transactions (a/k/a the
Uniform Commercial Code).

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations is an
umbrella organization that includes divisions dealing with financial
institutions and professional

The Illinois Department of Labor conducts hearings involving unpaid
wages and also accepts complaints concerning such topics as a current
or former employee's right to receive a copy of their personnel records.

The Illinois State Police not only patrol the freeways and tollways within
Illinois, they maintain criminal records and issue gun licenses.

The Illinois Department of Insurance regulates all insurance companies
that operate here, as well as accepts complaints from consumers and
businesses regarding insurance companies.

City of Chicago Gen'l Information & Agencies

The City of Chicago has departments and offices concerning every
subject imaginable from aviation to zoning, human rights to parking, and
Mayor Daley is still in charge.

Cook County General Information & Agencies

Cook County has departments that collect property taxes, record titles
and liens on property, as well as run the county hospitals and the forest