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               Communication- A Key to Success

Miscommunication is the source of many legal problems and difficult situations.  Conversely, good
communication between an attorney and client is critical to achieving the best possible outcome.  You
have my commitment to returning your calls within a reasonable amount of time, taking the time to
explain all your options and preparing you to the level of being confident and comfortable,  heading
into any legal proceeding in court.  You have my further commitment to giving you real value for the
fees you pay me.  My goal is to build the type of professional relationship with you that would
motivate you to call me back in the future after your current issues are resolved and refer your
friends, family and co-workers to my office.

Many attorneys and law firms specialize in one area of law.  Unfortunately, most life situations and
legal problems don't neatly fit into one box.  Divorce can have implications on the status of an
immigrant applying for permanent residency.   The whole nature of a civil lawsuit changes when a
defendant files for bankruptcy protection.  Police officers sometimes violate defendants' civil rights by
using excessive force in an arrest that initially lands someone in jail and criminal court.  As a lawyer
with knowledge and experience in a wide variety of civil, criminal and immigration matters,  I can
provide you with comprehensive advice and representation for the complex issues facing your
personal and business life.
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