Courts or Agencies
State & Federal Courts

State Courts are courts of general jurisdiction, which means they hear
just about any type of civil or criminal case under the sun concerning
residents of the state, including companies that do business in the state. In
Illinois, like many other states, the state courts are run separately by individual
but the cases are governed by the state-wide Code of Civil Procedure and
Illinois Supreme Court Rules.

Federal Courts are courts of limited jurisdiction. They are limited to
hearing  civil and criminal cases involving federal laws or between residents of
different states when more than $100,000 is at stake. Federal Courts group the
into regions called Circuits and within each state are geographic Districts.
Illinois is part of the 7th Circuit and has District Courts for the Northern, Central
and Southern parts of the state. For more information "click" .

Local, State & Federal Government Agencies

There are dozens of different types of local, state and federal government
agencies. I list a few select offices at the state and federal level that are related
to my
areas of practice or are  often needed by my clients. I also list links to the web
sites for the City of Chicago and Cook County  that connect you with all of their
different agencies and departments. For more information "click"
agencywebsitesor usgovagencies